Cut costs and become more sustainable at the same time:

Reduce energy costs
Control CO₂ emissions
Help prevent climate change

Cut costs and become more sustainable at the same time:

Reduce energy costs
Control CO₂ emissions
Help prevent climate change

Sustainable resource management

Reduce your energy costs and CO₂ emissions through intelligent digital resource management. Leverage your data as a driver of enhanced efficiency and sustainability in all areas of your company.


Your benefits


Reduce costs and optimise for lowest energy prices


Eliminate penalties and fluctuations in consumption


Transparency on your CO₂ emissions


Comprehensive real-time control over facilities

Become more sustainable

Intelligent energy management in production

Monitor your energy consumption in real-time, harmonize cost intensive peak loads and innovate your energy model. GFT offers you an easy entry to your intelligent, data-driven energy management.


Sustainable building management

Gain full transparency over all relevant facility parameters such as water, heating, energy consumption and CO₂ emissions. Monitor and graph facilities in real time to maintain safety, plan servicing and maintenance, and enhance overall efficiency in the long term.

A step-by-step approach
to genuinely sustainable resource management:

Choose where you want to start and leverage the benefit of our solutions to scale up
in keeping with your requirements:



Connect all relevant energy consumers and producers and detect the exact areas of potential savings.



Analyse all variables driving energy consumption and create the foundation for  optimisations as you go along.



Based on historical data, your energy management systems run autonomously, optimising consumption whenever needed.

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sphinx open – GFT technology behind

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