Paving the way for future factories

Fully connected
End-to-end integration
Highly scalable

Paving the way for future factories

Fully connected
End-to-end integration
Highly scalable

sphinx open – accelerates and simplifies data-driven business

Imagine planning and building the ideal factory of the future – step by step, to form a fully integrated, connected, scalable and secure production ecosystem that’s 100% in tune with your needs. That’s exactly what we do with sphinx open, our pioneering framework for digital twins. It offers a slew of new approaches to smart production based on cutting-edge, cloud-agnostic solutions that are open to all kinds of services and data sources.


How sphinx open enables you to grow sustainably

A dimension beyond simple dashboards

Classic dashboards draw on data from sources such as machines, sensors and processes and simply plot them to produce graphs, diagrams or even traffic lights. This approach to unidirectional data transfer is useful, but somewhat superficial.

In reality, data from machines and other production equipment is dynamic and governed by events happening in, on and around it. Production plant produces information that needs to be distributed to the right people in the right places at exactly the right time. That’s why it is even more important to track and understand data within the wider context.


Digital twins offering all key data in direct context

Based on a powerful concept that we call the Model in the Middle™, sphinx open provides us with an end-to-end framework for building digital twins. By integrating data vertically from the physical world and connecting it horizontally to business processes (e.g. MES, ERP), it paves the way for setting up event-driven digital process twins. These interact with their environment via a neuronal structure and communicate with other digital twins.
Because real-life production environments are subject to constant change, the Model in the Middle™ has also been designed to adapt in run time, continuously evolving structures without changing the underlying software ontology. This offers ultimate flexibility, preparing your production environment in the virtual world for full scale-up and implementation in the real world.

Using AI and ML to predict the future and execute better actions today

Once the digital twin of your operations is set up, you can enrich it with external data, e.g. weather data, and leverage the many benefits of cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The huge compute power available in the cloud comes hand in hand with the very latest technology, such as predictive analytics, which allows you to calculate and forecast potential scenarios and improve decision-making in the real world.

But our system allows us to go one step further. To enable fully autonomous systems that execute actions based on AI predictions, we build a rules engine based on your business logic to ensure that every AI-based action is checked against a customer-specific set of rules before actual execution.


Naturally, all rule sets match your individual requirements and are defined with the support of our business experts within each phase of project implementation.

Bottom line, you not only introduce full-scale machine learning to your processes, but also allow for autonomous responses to spontaneous events.


Hybrid cloud architectures – full cost control, data security and flexibility

Our fractal architecture allows us to deploy hybrid models – on the edge, on your premises or in the cloud – to ensure full cost control and data security. And because flexibility is equally important, we leverage high compute power where it is needed to ensure 24/7 availability and low latency times in any kind of production-critical environment.

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