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The potential application scenarios offered by artificial intelligence range from improved visual quality checking to forecasting goods flows, predicting revenues and even using chatbots in sales. In a nutshell, AI offers tremendous potential at every stage of your value chain.

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Visual quality inspection

Assessing the quality of products or packaging without a helping hand from technology often results in high error rates, tying up further valuable resources and even fuelling costs.


Visual inspection solutions make it easy to accurately identify product or packaging defects, producing rapid results you can rely on that are also ideal for quality assurance purposes.


Rapid return on investment

Reduced inspection times and improved process efficiency

Improved product quality even on high-speed production lines

GFT is key partner of Google cloud for AI-powered visual inspection projects

Improve Production Quality with Visual Inspection AI
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Revenue forecasting and customer churn prediction

To cope with change and compete with new and agile competitors, modern enterprises need a good grasp of the big picture in order to plan, allocate and forecast budgets. Siloed legacy systems are often unable to meet such requirements.


GFT offers state-of-the-art solutions that empower companies to forecast revenues and customer churn through one central dashboard. Inhouse data is exported from siloed applications to a cloud platform that assimilates and merges the acquired information with other key data, such as economic conditions and news feeds. Together, this treasure trove of information can be used to supply users with predicted developments based on AI.


Straight forward revenue forecasting providing a comprehensive picture of company status

Predictions of customer churn thanks to valuable insights derived from data analytics

On-demand dashboard for superior decision-making in management

Revenue forecasting and customer churn prediction
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Automated document processing

Although data processing (checking input, processing and forwarding) involves repetitive activities that are relatively easy to standardise, automating the processing of unstructured data presents an enormous challenge to companies.

GFT’s automated content processing solution makes it possible to handle and absorb unstructured corporate data from all kinds of areas within the business – fully automatically, much more efficiently and with fewer errors. The AI platform takes over all aspects of data structuring.


Significant efficiency enhancements, lightening the load on employees

Ideal performance – facilitates processing of all types of data

Simple and accelerated integration and scalability thanks to modular solution architecture

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Real-time warranty management

Warranty claims in the supply chain – e.g. OEM claims involving dealerships – require
fundamental process transparency in order to avoid long and costly processing times.


GFT offers a solution that connects OEMs seamlessly with logistics stakeholders and
dealerships. The system automatically provides uniform, real-time overviews of the entire OEM value chain – from assembly to transportation and dealerships, with everything captured on a cloud-based platform. The solution is capable of integrating a variety of cloud services, making it possible to identify damages and defects quickly and relay real-time information directly to relevant stakeholders. Not only does this reduce claim processing times, it also cuts costs.


Real-time process transparency on the entire supply chain

Reduced costs through short processing time in case of warranty claims

Customer service

24/7 availability and short response times have become a standard customer requirement in many industries, even though this is sometimes unachievable for capacity or cost reasons.


The customer service solution developed by GFT empowers you to introduce and manage customer touchpoints based on natural language processing (NLP). By guaranteeing 24/7 availability, questions from customers or partners regarding your services or products can be responded to much more efficiently than in the past.


Increase customer engagement and loyalty due to short response times and 24/7 availability.

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