Maximum flexibility

Outstanding expertise

Ultimate speed build the right digital solution for your sustainable success

Maximum flexibility

Outstanding expertise

Ultimate speed build the right digital solution for your sustainable success

Whatever challenges you face in your sector of industry, whatever the specific use case, discover how GFT enables you to improve efficiency, accelerate agility, reduce costs, exploit new business models and leverage new market opportunities.

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Our customers success stories

Efficient shop floor management

Explore how Schinko enhances efficiency on the shop floor with shorter reaction times to incidents and clear graphs of real-time data.

Smart production planning

GS Metaal decided it was time to introduce a smart factory solution. Not only did the new system simplify its error-prone, manually intensive and often opaque production planning processes, it also raised productivity by 30%.

Trusted advisor on delivering successful technology projects

You define the scope and scale of digitalisation, we work with you as a partner of equals in delivering business projects that drive value, step by step. We are small enough to care and big enough to deliver, and with 6000 software engineers on hand, we’re always there when you need us.

GFTs technology approach:
scalable, reliable, secure

A pioneering framework for digital twins: sphinx open

As a highly scalable, cloud-agnostic framework, sphinx open evolves over time – practically without boundaries. The beauty of sphinx open lies in a unique GFT concept that we call the Model in the Middle. By integrating data vertically from the physical world and connecting it horizontally to business processes, sphinx open paves the way for setting up event-driven digital process twins. Thanks to its fractal architecture, hybrid deployment can be arranged on the edge and in the cloud.


Full flexibility when heading for the cloud

The cloud offers tremendous potential to solve all kinds of business challenges. We offer access to the pooled expertise of over 900 certified cloud specialists, whose number one priority is to understand your needs and pinpoint the most effective ways to upgrade your business.

How? By empowering you to do new and perhaps unexpected things, based on processes that unveil tangible benefit and quantifiable ROI. To do this, we join forces with all key cloud providers to offer you the best possible choice, ultimate flexibility and of course outstanding value for money.



Artificial intelligence and computer vision – must-haves in the industry of the future

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are ideal tools when it comes to enriching data and supplying your company with the key information it requires to move forward. By combining AI and ML with sphinx open, or implementing either on a stand-alone basis, we leverage the full potential offered by this advanced technology. Not only can AI and ML support your workers, but they are also a powerful springboard into the world of fully autonomous systems.



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