IDE is fast and reliable

Intelligent Damage Evaluation (IDE) is a GFT service for recognition and appraisal of vehicle damage. This unique combination of highly efficient algorithms developed by GFT, capable of recognising both external damages and non-visible internal damages, together with the Quattroruote Professional database and estimate service, and IBM artificial intelligence technologies for image analysis and machine learning, provides users with reliability and promptness that can be found nowhere else on the market today.

IDE - Intelligent Damage Evaluation
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IDE - Intelligent Damage Evaluation
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Easy to use

With IDE, users simply provide the vehicle registration number and at least one photograph of the damaged area to begin appraisal of the characteristics and extent of the damage. No software installation is required: just an enabled user. The service works entirely in the cloud. A list of the damaged components and the cost and time to repair them is generated in just a few seconds. In fact, it’s all done with just one click.



The unique combination of AI algorithms and market databases has made IDE the most reliable application for improving the management processes of vehicle claims. It also offers a wide range of benefits, including general improvements in settlement process efficiency, the review of claim channelling methods, anti-fraud controls and new services for end customers.
To obtain maximum benefit for your company, IDE services available in the stand-alone mode can be integrated with your company’s IT systems, including claims apps and online damage appraisals by networks of claims adjusters.

Easy to use

To use IDE, there’s no need for complex statistical or technical knowledge. You’ll receive the answers you need to get right to work or improve your processes merely by providing the vehicle’s registration number and photos of the damage. IDE provides intuitive answers to questions that would normally require complex, time-consuming work.

Immediate activation

IDE is designed to be a quick, easily activated service that can be put to use immediately. Because IDE uses cloud-based technology, your IT centres will require no complex installations, which means you’ll be free to use IDE when, where and as often as you like. And you pay only when IDE provides an answer.

Process optimisation

With a sophisticated tool like IDE at your fingertips, which also limits the need for the physical presence of adjusters, a whole series of operations now largely done using traditional procedures can be automated, a feature that should not be underestimated, given the current global health crisis. Companies and other system users will be able to include new processes such as instant settlement, real-time estimates and review of claims channelling strategies.

Precise calculation of damage costs

IDE is also unique because it boasts full access to Quattroruote Professional’s enormous database of photographs and appraisals, along with the quality and precision of its estimate programme, which are recognised and certified by the Italian National Association of Insurance Companies (ANIA). Whether for an anti-fraud check or to initiate an instant settlement, IDE offers users results of unrivalled quality.

A team of experts at your service

IDE was created based on the work, expertise and passion of a team of experts who combine the most advanced technologies, a vast and highly specialised database, and extensive knowledge of the standard processes of vehicle insurance. This team will help you understand how and why to use IDE, starting with its benefits and how to activate it. The team members are also responsible for maintaining the high level of quality of the algorithms

Top security

We strictly limit the need to keep any data you send us. Your data are stored only for as long as it takes to process the information required to reply to your consultation. They are then deleted. These solutions are supported by a scalable, reliable and secure cloud architecture that can be integrated with your IT systems and maintained using top-level security standards by IBM, a market leader in these technologies.

IDE features and services offered

With nothing more than the vehicle registration number and photos of the damaged parts, the damage appraisal service can recognise the vehicle, verify the relevance of the photographs and discard any unsuitable ones, identify the damage in the photos and make an estimate of any internal damage based on a very extensive historical database. Recognition includes all the perimeter components of the bodywork, the light units, and the front and rear windscreens.

Based on the damage recognition function and a detailed analysis of the repairs required and their cost, the damages are automatically quantified by the service that estimates the cost and repair time.

The analytics service provides a series of analyses and reports that summarise the status of the requests made, as well as their effectiveness, number and frequency.

IDE is also designed to be integrated with the client’s IT systems. Integrations are activated with a specific set-up design and include: the identification and profiling system, a claims management system, and other systems that must request recognition and estimate services, such as services apps for end customers and apps provided for this purpose.


Artificial and Automotive Intelligence

Intelligenza Artificiale-IDE

At GFT, we use state-of-the-art technologies such as AI, big data and advanced analytics to create high value-added solutions for business. IDE uses the most advanced artificial intelligence technology, based on IBM Watson services and the Quattroruote Professional database. With IDE, GFT has developed a wide range of specialised algorithms for the automotive industry that offer reliability exceeding 80%. It recognises all the main perimeter auto-body panels, light units and windows. In addition, our specialised centres work tirelessly to monitor the quality of the algorithms and extend their ability to recognise other components. Finally, we have used machine learning techniques to develop additional algorithms for the automotive industry that can assess the presence of non-visible internal damage by tapping into an extensive historical market database. The estimated repair costs are as reliable as possible thanks to the high-quality Quattroruote Professional estimate program, certified by ANIA.

IDE, one click claim solution
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Who is the service for?

IDE is the ideal software tool for improving a number of processes in the many different companies operating in the automotive industry. Using the tool requires no special knowledge. The input data are currently used in some ANIA processing programs and the output is a rough estimate of costs and repair times, which is commonly used and consolidated on the market.
Potential users of IDE are therefore businesses such as:
• Insurance companies that provide coverage for motor vehicles
• Long-term leasing companies
• Claims adjuster networks
• Body shops
• Companies that handle vehicle claims


“We are certain that we have created a unique service in its category that not only speeds up claims management operations and reduces the time required to file claims, but also helps reduce the risk of fraud by minimising the time from report to settlement. The solution also makes it possible to expand the digital services available to users, such as obtaining a repair estimate for their own car or a car they want to buy. The insurance industry is one of the key pillars in GFT’s global diversification strategy to support business development and offer our consolidated technological expertise to customers in different markets.”

Maximiliano Barberi
Insurance Client Unit Director

Maximiliano Barberi

Quattroruote Professional, which owns the vehicle spare-part and repair time databases, has made it possible to identify the components of all car brands.

“The insurance sector, with its desire to innovate in terms of business models and service offerings, has long been exploring advanced technologies to respond to the ever-growing needs of its users.”

Luigi Caligaris
Business Unit Professional Director, Editoriale Domus

“The cloud has evolved very quickly from an alternative technology designed to reduce IT costs to a platform for corporate transformation. The combination of artificial intelligence and cloud computing has become a source of innovation and a means to accelerate market development. This solution, developed by GFT and based on IBM Watson services in the cloud, is an example of how innovative ideas and technologies can open up new scenarios and business models.”

Alessandro La Volpe
Vice President di IBM Cloud & Cognitive Software for Italy


“Among the many competitors present in this market, it is fair to say that GFT, with its easy-to-activate and user-friendly IDE product, will certainly become one of the main candidates to provide a reliable service capable of both streamlining processes and, above all, meeting customers' needs and expectations.”

Davide Dondini
Claims Director, HDI Assicurazioni and Amissima Assicurazioni

Would you like to try IDE?

If you are interested in understanding the best way to use IDE in your business processes or if you simply want to stay up to date on the latest news about the service,  request one of our pre-sales services by filling out the form below.

If you are interested in a trial, please fill the form contact us to organise an on-site or remote demonstration. We would be delighted to show you the main features of our service. This will also give you the chance to directly verify the quality of the recognition algorithms by using a trial version requiring no installation: IDE is a cloud computing service, even in its trial mode. Make an appointment today.