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Just three letters with a long history behind when it comes to Guidewire solutions. Whether you are new to GFT or you have known us for a while, some of the facts listed below might surprise you.

Just three letters with a long history behind when it comes to Guidewire solutions. Whether you are new to GFT or you have known us for a while, some of the facts listed below might surprise you.




Did you know ...?

Did you know that
GFT has been a partner of Guidewire since 2011?

Our journey with Guidewire spans twelve countries and seven languages. Today, GFT has one specialised centre of Guidewire expertise and six centres of delivery in Canada, Costa Rica, Italy, Mexico, Spain and Poland.

Did you know that
GFT has business and IT assets that accelerate your transformation?

Whatever your path, you will not walk it alone. Our consultants will be there from the initial steps of the project until the final delivery into production. Working with GFT means you will have access to a repository of business and IT assets that will significantly reduce the time required to complete your Guidewire project or your cloud journey transition.


Did you know that
GFT has won 3 Guidewire innovation awards?

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. On three occasions, the projects that we have delivered for our customers have received Guidewire innovation awards. There is no better success than a shared success.


Did you know that GFT is a leader in Guidewire Cloud implementations worldwide?


Established insurance companies can significantly accelerate innovation by leveraging the insurtech ecosystem, but effectively bringing these two worlds together requires a fine balance. Being financial sector specialists and technologists at heart, our consultants are ideally suited to help you bridge the gap between insurtech innovation and the requirements of Guidewire’s core systems.

Did you know that
GFT is currently leading one of the largest Guidewire cloud implementations worldwide?


Being at the forefront of technology, it was only natural that we leveraged our cloud knowledge and experience to deploy one of the largest implementations of the Guidewire InsuranceSuite on the Cloud for one of France’s major insurance companies.

Implementation of the full Guidewire
Insurance Suite on the Cloud:



New digital
and multichannel




Faster time to market
for new products


Did you know that GFT is one of the leading Guidewire service providers worldwide?

After all you have read, it comes as no surprise that analyst firm Everest has featured GFT as a Major Contender and a Star Performer in its latest Guidewire Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment.



"GFT has improved its competitive positioning, earning Major Contender and Star Performer recognition on Everest Group’s Guidewire Services PEAK® Matrix Assessment 2020 given: significant growth in its client base and delivery capabilities, backed by synergistic gains from its acquisition of V-NEO; multiple new specializations on Guidewire products for the EMEA market; and strong recognition among its clients for serving as a strategic partner to drive innovation.”

Aaditya Jain, Practice Director, Everest Group


Click to open Everest Group Guidewire Services PEAK Matrix

Do you want to know even more?

Download our Point of View paper to explore the best practices identified by GFT to ensure Guidewire projects remain within budget, rework is minimised, key stakeholders’ goals are realised, and value and adaptability are maximised.
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Strategy and expertise vice president

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Strategy and expertise director

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